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We are an organization of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs) and other individuals who wish to protect, support, and promote breastfeeding. We are working to make breastfeeding the norm in British Columbia. 

We support the WHO Baby Friendly Initiative and the World Health Organization International Code of Breast-milk Substitutes, also known as the WHO Code.

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Board Members:

Co-Presidents                                                                           Katherine Bartell katherinebartel@gmail.com 

 Jeanne Hagreen jhagreen@netbistro.com


Sonia Bonato s.bonato03@gmail.com 


Aiden Farrow aidenfarrow@aidenfarrowibclc.com    

Alyssa Barrie  alyssa@anurturedstart.ca 

Secretary - Swati Scott Swati.Scott@shaw.ca 

Directors at Large 

Suzanne Campbell Suzanne.Campbell@nursing.ubc.ca 

Catherine Chow chow_cat25@hotmail.com 

Lucy Dominak lucymd21@gmail.com 

Sarah Grey equuleus2002@hotmail.com 

Marilyn Hogan mhogan1954@yahoo.ca

Tiffany Holdsworth-Taylor tholdsworthtaylor@gmail.com

Karen Irvine klirv@hotmail.com 

Meggie Ross meggieross2@gmail.com

Tina Revai tina_west@hotmail.com

Mailing Address: 

BC Lactation Consultants Association

23700 Hart Highway

Prince George, BC

V2K 5X2

For website related feedback contact: Meggie Ross meggieross2@gmail.com

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